Nursing the wound


Noticed over the past few days the 3 y/o ewe does have a nasty patch on her back. We tried putting some bright yellow ointment a few days ago which went black.

I have been told to wash with warm water, dry then apply Crovect.



Update to this post

Organised everything I need to wash, dry and Crovect my ewe. On cleaning the area I noticed the skin was clean but there was no wool.

Clean as much as I dare, dried thoroughly and then applied Crovect just to the area. Will keep an eye on this to see the progress.

Fine needle work

IMG_5528Matt is coming over so we have Heptivac all our sheep. I will continue with this blog when its been done! All the sheep have now had their Heptivac P+ injection. This will be done again in 4 weeks time.

Before we injected the sheep, Matt designed a treatment pen and this proved very useful. It was not easy getting the needle through the wool and skin of the lambs but managed it.

I have bought a bucket with hooks to hang on the hurdle, so I don’t have to put anything on the ground. A very good idea.

My Irregular Blog

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